Ingenuity Amplified

We don’t see a future driven by more job loses due to automation but more job opportunities through technology.

Human operators critical to complex manufacturing processes have not benefited from AI and Industry 4.0 technologies that have focused primarily on equipment optimization and robotic process automation. Contextere has developed integrated digitalization technologies and processes that, for the first time, address human operator performance improvement in production processes where human expertise and ingenuity are critical to success.

Industrial challenges

Industrial organizations are facing the combined challenges of the technical transformation of Industry 4.0 and the social/workforce transformation of a retiring work population and smaller emerging workforce. Together, these challenges create a skilled workforce gap and a simultaneous need to cross-skill, upskill, and re-skill to adapt to the technological change.

Shifting Demographics
Industrial organizations across the globe struggle to hire, train, and retain appropriately skilled workers. Lost knowledge and expertise through accelerating workforce retirement, characterized as ‘grey-out’, further exacerbates an already urgent problem.
Productivity Gap
In order to maintain operational effectiveness, front-line workers need the knowledge required to execute. As it stands, existing enterprise software solutions do not effectively engage, leverage, or optimise field workers resulting in 60% of an industrial worker's day being characterized as 'non-productive time'.

Digital transformation
Existing analytics systems are unable to ingest and correlate last mile data such as equipment sensor information or handwritten notes, and many enterprise data systems remain siloed and disconnected. This results in slow, resource intensive manual processes to generate insights or analytics decisions based on data with less relevancy.

Actionable Intelligence

Putting real-time operational intelligence in the hands of workers leads to enhanced decision-making and performance on the last tactical mile. New operational insights reduce the time spent looking for answers and increases equipment utilization.
First Time Right Execution
Accelerated Time to Proficiency
Decrease in Technical Support