Contextere is transforming the future of work using AI to deliver actionable intelligence to the last tactical mile, empowering your frontline workers and improving asset performance.

AI-enabled workforce productivity and predictive decision support software

We offer industrial AI software focused on human & machine performance. We work in the field with customers to meet challenges head-on, supporting digital transformation, driving connected worker initiatives, and deploying our products to produce results for today and tomorrow.


Industrial Challenges

Despite automation, digitization, and predictive planning initiatives the reality is frontline workers make ‘minute to minute’ decisions that impact production, safety and ultimately cost. Whether due to technical limitations, prohibitive costs or labour contracts that is not going to change in the foreseeable future.

Demographic Shift

Ageing workforces are rapidly transitioning to workforces with less experience and more autonomy.

Productivity Gap

Operational effectiveness is lost if front-line employees don’t have the knowledge required to execute.

Data Overload

Modern equipment, systems, and tools are complex and generate massive amounts of data.