Madison is an AI-enabled industrial chatbot that delivers actionable intelligence to the last tactical mile, empowering your frontline workers and improving asset performance. Imagine employees having conversations with equipment about error codes, service bulletins, live data feeds or past performance - "Siri for the Industrial Worker".

What it does

Workforce productivity & decision support

Workforce productivity & decision support

Purpose-built for frontline employees and designed for industrial domains, Madison empowers blue-collar workers who make critical minute-to-minute decisions that impact productivity, safety, and ultimately cost. Madison extracts enterprise, IoT and technical domain data to generate new operational insights and deploys these insights in real-time to the end users working on the last tactical mile.

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How it works

Blue collar AI®

Blue collar AI

The Madison insight engine is comprised of two primary software components. An insight engine which acts as the brain of the platform extracting enterprise, IoT, and technical domain data, and an advanced virtual assistant which deploys curated knowledge as actionable insights to end users on Microsoft Teams, mobile devices, or wearables.

Built from the ground up for last mile workers and designed for industrial domains, Madison is not about planning, analysis, or digitization, but is focused on the actual execution of work.



Purpose built

Purpose built

Contextere develops Blue Collar AI® that empowers frontline employees with contextual information when conducting complex tasks on equipment and infrastructure. This enables each worker to conduct installation, repair, maintenance, and inspection activities reliably, effectively, and safely by providing critical information proactively, when and where they need it.

Purpose built for the blue-collar worker on the last mile
Designed for industrial domains & technical datasets
Integrates to existing hardware and software environments
Experts in deploying emergent technology into complex industrial organizations

First Time Right Execution
Reduction in Non-Productive Time
Fewer Technical Escalations
Accelerated Time to Proficiency
Reduction in Safety Incidents

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