AI-enabled workforce productivity & decision support software

Contextere's insight engine extracts and curates previously inaccessible industrial data to provide actionable insights. End-users working on the last tactical mile receive knowledge in real-time tailored to their current context and mobile devices.

Real-time Question Answer engine

Work instructions curated for the end-user

Real-time safety alerts

IoT & smart sensor connectivity

Last Mile data & performance analytics

Empowering your workforce

Contextere technology is unique in its combination of small data extraction and human-machine context to determine real-time contextually relevant insights.

Industrial Data Extraction

Our unique machine learning capabilities enables our insight engine to extract and correlate 'small data' from manuals, work orders, notes, equipment sensors, and other non-standard data sources that contain guidance required by an end-user to install, maintain, repair, or modify a piece of equipment.
Curated & contextually relevant

Our algorithms are designed with a reductionist approach to data by proactively and predictively dispatching just the right piece of curated information to a technician or analyst in an industrial setting based on their evolving local real-time context, tasking, and skill set.
Human-centric approach

Our insight engine is designed from the ground up for technicians operating on the last tactical mile providing them with the real-time information and guidance necessary to effectively conduct their tasks and efficiently leverage their expertise and ingenuity in industrial processes where automation is not feasible.
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