Contextere announces new AI capabilities of the MADISON Insight Engine and Industrial Chatbot

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Ottawa, Canada – TheNewswire – October 3, 2023 – Contextere, the only provider of Blue Collar AI™, announced today the incorporation of the latest advances in generative AI within the MADISON Insight Engine and Industrial Chatbot. These new capabilities will enable Contextere customers to engage in natural conversational dialogue to obtain accurate insights from their industrial data and decision-support to guide their maintenance and operations activities.

MADISON leverages the power of natural language understanding and contextual awareness to determine the relevant and timely information that a user needs to be most effective on the job. MADISON employs separate AI models optimized for extractive question answering from industrial domain documents, machine data, and generative conversation. This orchestrated combination of extractive AI and generative AI ensures that insights from MADISON are traceable, referenceable, and transparent.

“We have been using extractive large language models and highly specialized question-answering techniques within MADISON to provide users with accurate insights for many years”, says Carl Byers, CTO & Chief Strategy Officer for Contextere. “With this latest capability, we are incorporating the best in generative AI to provide users with natural conversational interaction with MADISON, while still ensuring that they can trust where the information is coming from and directly validate the source. “

MADISON can generate context-aware responses, suggestions, and reports for workers based on their tasks, roles, and activities using company-specific domain data such as manuals, service bulletins, equipment data, and maintenance logs. These latest generative AI capabilities are the result of our continuous innovation and collaboration with our partners and customers including the Royal Canadian Air Force and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.

Contextere will be highlighting its AI solutions at DEFSEC Atlantic and MRO Europe conferences in October.