CANSEC 2018: The Place To Be For Defence And Security

In by contextere

CANSEC, the annual Defence and Security trade show run by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), was a resounding success this year. As always, numerous leading-edge technologies, services, and products were showcased by industry-leaders and newcomers alike in what is considered the most important Defence and Security industry event in Canada. Highly anticipated, it brings together exhibitors and attendees from across the globe, including representatives from Italy, Ukraine, Israel, Norway, Germany, France, and elsewhere.

On display was an impressive array of ordinance, including: autonomous vehicles, armaments, weaponry, optical products, modeling and simulation products, and interactive displays. The team at contextere had the privilege of learning how to use critical military equipment and experience firsthand the difference in machinery. We also witnessed a strong presence in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality products, enabling companies to cost effectively augment and train their workers in safe environments. In short,

if you’re in the Defence and Security industry, it is a vital trade show to keep abreast of developments and new trends.

The event not only highlights products and services critical to Defence and Security, but it also presents an important opportunity for top industry leaders to discuss emergent technology, industry direction, and push the innovation needle forward. As contextere walked the floor and covered many kilometers, the following theme emerged: the importance of modernizing the industry to maintain and increase Canada’s global competitiveness. For example, the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development discussed the importance of bringing women into Defence and Security, creating equal opportunity, and continuing to invest in an industry that contributes billions of dollars to the Canadian economy.

contextere also connected with numerous individuals in our private meeting room to discuss the state of the industry and the impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Needless to say, there are vast opportunities coupled with important ethical considerations that should be addressed, such as the potential for embedded bias. Though there is no definite path forward, contextere is a strong supporter of the Defence and Security industry and the notable role they play in education, healthcare, construction and engineering in an environment where professionalism and oversight are strongly developed. Ultimately, CANSEC continues to be a staple in contextere’s trade show line up and we look forward to what 2019 brings!