• Delivering Blue Collar AI to the 21st Century Industrial Workforce

    Context and machine learning in a personal agent for industrial workers.

Empowering the augmented worker

Making sense of data from equipment sensors and enterprise systems with contextual curation and machine learning

Real-time contextual guidance on mobile and wearable devices


Context is everything

Eliminating isolated and systemic human error with predictive, curated guidance

Optimizing workforce utilization and safety with tasking, coordination, and cross-skilling


Solving real business problems in the ‘last tactical mile’

Skilled workforce development

Reduce unplanned downtime

Save lives


Addressing the global workforce development and utilization challenge

Today’s employee is overwhelmed by data yet lacks the relevant information to execute, as a result spending over 50% of their time on non-productive activities. Successful utilization of complex equipment requires warm hands on cold steel and automated actionable data at the point of service.


Contextere ensures that the right guidance is provided to each skilled worker at the right time, exactly how they need it.

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