Industry News: Week of September 20, 2021

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Every week we curate industry news and articles that reflect today’s trends so you can spend more time learning and less time searching. Here’s what we’ve been reading:

Gartner Hype cycle for AI 2021 highlights AI orchestration, governance
Gartner has updated it’s Hype Cycle for AI 2021 and as identified four megatrends: operationalization of AI platforms, innovation in AI, responsible AI, and small and wide data approaches.
How AI’s full power can accelerate the fight against climate change
AI’s multifaceted capabilities is the lynch pin to reducing emissions and improving resiliency against climate hazards.
A Stanford proposal over AI’s ‘Foundations’ ignites debate
A recent paper published by researchers at Stanford which identifies some AI models as ‘foundational’ has sparked criticism and debate in the field of AI R&D.
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