Industry News: Week of October 21, 2019

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Gartner Updates Its Hype Cycle For AI
Gartner has created an AI Hype Cycle to inform industry on new trends. In the latest iteration, among other news, Gartner predicts that Speech Recognition will deliver significant business benefits and has added the following technologies to the Hype Cycle: AI Cloud Services, AutoML, Augmented Intelligence, Explainable AI, Edge AI, Reinforcement Learning, Quantum Computing, AI Marketplaces.

Why you should care: As AI becomes more prevalent and further refined, the business value it creates will be enormous. It will be vital for organizations to become familiar with AI technology, determine which ones are best suited to their business, and develop a plan for implementation and scale.

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There Will Be Over 4 Billion Devices With AI In The Next 5 Years
According to ABI Research, “the total installed base of devices with Artificial Intelligence will grow from 2.694 billion in 2019 to 4.471 billion in 2024.” 

Why you should care: As the number of devices with AI increases, the opportunity for them to learn, think, and work together increases and will lead to truly transformational results through “more robust inferences” or “new insights”. 

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Smartwatches Are Helping To Keep Air Force Pilots Safe
The Air Force is researching disruptive technology to do things a little differently. They’re exploring using smartwatches to monitor pilots’ circadian rhythms, leading to more efficient sleep patterns. By doing this the software helps pilots maximize their sleep time.

Why you should care: There are many ways technology can help keep humans safe and make us more effective and productive. This is a great example of using technology to solve a problem, rather than implement technology for technology’s sake.  

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  Start Winning With AI
Companies who are winning with AI are taking the following steps:

  • Making AI a core strategic pillar in their company
  • Asking “How can AI help us meet our business objectives?”
  • Focusing 70% of AI implementation on business process transformation rather than algorithms or technology
  • Creating a collaborative environment between departments 


Why you should care: Disruptive technology, and particularly AI, promises to become a staple of our private and professional lives. When we can learn to win with it and derive value, it can quickly become an ally rather than a foe.  

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