Industry News: Week of November 18, 2019

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Chatbots Aren’t Dead
There was a flurry of chatbot excitement and investment throughout 2016. Though few were successful, there are many lessons to learn from the failures. The primary being that “[c]hatbots are best at repetitive tasks, not novel ones.” The most successful chatbots focused on solving narrow problems, rather than trying to do everything. Here are other lessons from the failed chatbot revolution.
DARPA Wants to Keep Humans Safe With Robots 
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has launched a competition to build underground robots to be used in search and rescue missions. Their focus is on using robots to save humans in critical situations, but also limit the number of lives at stake in the process.

The competition will take place in many different circuits, such as mines and sewers, and the prize is $2,000,000. Read more about how DARPA is sending robots underground to teach them to save lives.

Forrester’s 2020 Predictions: Mean-Time-To-Resolution Will Increase
The “automation paradox” will be more prevalent in 2020 as automation, robotics, virtual agents, and others free up time for humans to take on more complex tasks, resulting in increases in “Mean-time-to-resolution” (after it fell for years).

Forrester also highlights the inherent dangers of automation, and suggested that “every automated system must be designed with humans at the center.” Here are other 2020 predictions.

13 Things I Bet You Didn’t Know About AI
Bernard Marr summarized 13 incredible tasks AI is already accomplishing. Among the most surprising? AI can now smell to detect diseases and read your mind by interpreting brain signals. Here’s the full list of mind-blowing tasks.
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