Industry News: Week of July 19, 2021

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What Ever happened to IBM’s Watson?
Ten years ago IBM’s Watson supercomputer gained fame by winning the TV gameshow ‘Jeopardy!’, but Watson did not fulfill its promise as a disruptive technology poised to shake up whole industries.
Research shows AI is often biased. Here’s how to make algorithms work for all of us.
New research from the National Institute of Standards and Technology  found that the majority of algorithms included in their study showed signs of impartiality based on demographics. The World Economic Forum defines different forms of algorithmic bias and how they can be addressed.
Government invests to help accelerate innovation in Canada’s mining industry.
The Government of Canada has announced an investment of $40 million to support the creation of the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator which aims to improve productivity and sustainability in the mining sector.
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