Industry News: Week of January 6, 2020

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Every week we curate industry news and thought-provoking articles that reflect today’s trends so you can spend more time learning and less time searching. Here’s what we’ve been reading:

AI in 2020
A compilation of experts’ predictions for artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming year.

  • Companies will focus on solving mundane business problems, rather than on grand visions,
  • Organizations will utilize AI to augment humans in addition to automation,
  • AI will have a big impact in the industrial sector, and
  • AI voice support will grow and become more robust as Natural Language Processing (NLP) becomes more accurate.
Apprenticeships are key in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The real problem of the Fourth Industrial Revolution isn’t automation and robots taking jobs, “it’s that we aren’t properly training humans for the available jobs” and these skills aren’t taught in traditional universities, according to the World Economic Forum. The solution? Embrace apprenticeships.
AI is here to stay: 3 trends to stay competitive

Here are 3 initiatives to stay competitive in 2020:

  1. Leaders should educate themselves and speak with employees to identify priorities and areas that will have the most impact.
  2. Adopt a growth mindset. Leaders must ensure their organizations are able to quickly pivot and adapt to a changing environment – complacency kills.
  3. You can’t go it alone – bring your employees along and help them succeed in the future of work through training.


Staff Spotlight

Our Staff Spotlight gives you an insider’s look into our company and employees. Next up is Carl Byers, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, and CTO at Contextere.

Carl helped to reintegrate child soldiers in Uganda, has lived on 3 continents, and won’t give up his ’67 mustang! He’s also an expert in integrated R&D with 30 years of experience in modelling and simulation.

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