Industry News: Week of January 13, 2020

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10 AI principles to make it safer
The United States (US) released 10 principles as part of its AI strategy “to ensure public engagement, limit regulatory overreach, and, most important, promote trustworthy AI that is fair, transparent, and safe.” The principles will also help the US maintain leadership in the industry.
An AI specialist takes a critical look at the industry
In an interview with The Economist, Gary Marcus discusses AI’s current capabilities, future considerations, and how AI engineers should learn from engineers in other fields.  He also proposes that “Creativity, on-the-fly learning, and critical thinking skills” will be vital for the future of work.
Dealing with bias in AI, according to 3 prominent women
The New York Times interviewed 3 prominent women in AI to get their takes on bias in AI. In a nutshell, since bias is inherent to humans, it will inevitably make its way into our algorithms. But it’s crucial we find better ways of managing it.

They explain the different types of bias and how these are represented in training datasets, the 3 root causes of bias, and the need to have a cultural shift among the scientific community.

Staff Spotlight

Our Staff Spotlight gives you an insider’s look into our company and employees.

Next up is Gabe Batstone, Co-Founder and CEO at contextere. Gabe was captain of his varsity hockey team at Ryerson University, visited Afghanistan in 2008 and 2009, and trekked up Mt. Elbrus and Mt. Kilimanjaro.


He also brings to the company two decades of experience in implementing emerging technology across multiple industries on 6 continents. This has included innovations driving smart city, digital oilfield, future soldier, and industrial augmented reality applications. Gabe has worked for market leaders in the aerospace, defense, automotive, and energy markets including NAVTEQ, CAE, and NGRAIN.

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