Industry News: Week of December 9, 2019

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The rise of conversational AI
As conversational AI evolves, there’s a tremendous increase in c-suite interest to implement chatbot-related applications. Here are a couple of golden rules from Accenture to consider in chatbot development: 

  1. Build a good design experience 
  2. Language is a critical component, be conversational but don’t pretend to be human
The evolution of blue-collar jobs
As automated machines and robotics make their way onto the factory floor, blue-collar jobs are shifting from “working the machines” to “managing the machines”. This calls for a new set of skills, experience, and knowledge. Read more about the blue-collar jobs of the 21st century here.


Succeeding in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Automation experience design (AXD) will be key to succeeding in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It involves understanding “the sequence of interactions required to complete a task or customer journey end to end.” Read more about how including the human in the automation process.
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