Industry News: Week of December 2, 2019

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AI is great in theory, but how do you make it work in practice?
Policy, data privacy, and research are just some of the factors that will determine whether AI works in practice. Additionally, start-ups and venture capital investment help push the industry forward through innovations and talent development. But each country is pursuing these initiatives at different levels, learn which countries are making the most progress.
AI predictions for 2020
As 2019 comes to a close, the predictions for the year ahead are out in full force. 

IDC and Forrester explain that “AI adoption is not consistent across all companies and we are seeing a new digital divide, a divide between the AI haves and the AI have-nots, those with or without the required highly-skilled engineers.” Learn about what else experts are predicting for 2020 when it comes to AI.


Succeeding in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Employing a gender equity lens, redefining how we measure success, and reskilling the displaced workforce will all be vital steps to ensure everyone benefits from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to the World Economic Forum.


Fast moving AI is a blessing in disguise
In just 5 short years, AI has moved from the lab to the real world. During this time, we’ve seen it encounter many hurdles, such as bias in algorithms.

But, as John Pavlus at Fast Company explains, this could be a good thing. “by going from “nowhere” to “seemingly everywhere” in roughly half a decade, AI is actually offering us a real-time feedback mechanism for course-correcting.” Read more about the benefits of speed here.

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