A world driven by Contextere

Picture a scenario where every worker receives curated work instruction in real-time with context relevant to their personal experience, demographics, physical state, geography, environment and the people around them!

Enterprise Software Platform

Connect. Curate. Communicate. Evolve.

contextere enterprise software curates personal, situational and enterprise data to deliver consumable, contextually relevant content that answers the simple question “What should I do next?”.

Using human-centric machine learning and dynamic context generation we are creating the first mobile personal assistant for the industrial worker.

Dynamic Context

Combining digital identity with location based awareness.

Content Curation

Machine learning to constantly determine the right guidance.

Smart Micro-Forms

Innate user interfaces for mobile or wearable devices.

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Strategic Transformation Consulting

Determining the right blend of human performance technology to achieve operational outcomes is the key to unlocking Industrial IOT value for your enterprise.

Rely on our leadership in IOT, augmented reality, big data and location based services to advance profitable innovation and business transformation in your company.

  • How can an IOT strategy benefit your organization?
  • Where do wearables fit in your workforce strategy?
  • How can augmented reality be used effectively?

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