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Meet: Carl Byers, Contextere’s CSO

As our Chief Strategy Officer, Carl Byers leads Contextere’s business innovation and expansion through product development, market diversification, and collaborative partnerships. With a knack for immersing himself in modeling and simulation, virtual environments, and augmented reality, Carl has been able … Read More

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Meet: Gabriel Batstone, Contextere’s CEO

With 20 years of experience in advanced technology development, Gabe Batstone is Contextere’s co-founder and CEO. Armed with the belief that the technology revolution left many of the hardest working behind but that AI and job creation are not mutually … Read More

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Hello Brooklyn!

It has been a busy month at Contextere, as we shift gears to join the Urban-X Accelerator program in Brooklyn, NY! The program provides our team with a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in 14 weeks of product development and … Read More