3 Components to Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Downtime often falls into two overarching categories: planned and unplanned. While planned downtime is generally considered productive time, as assets go through necessary upgrades or maintenance, unplanned downtime is often regarded as a negative result of poor planning and equipment … Read More


5 Tips To Overcoming Resistance In The Face Of Digital Transformation

Have you ever decided to develop a new habit that experts promised to make you more efficient, happier, or productive only to find yourself neglecting it a couple weeks or months later? There are many reasons why this could happen, … Read More


Top 5 Insights from Smart Industry 2017

Last week we had the privilege of attending and speaking at Smart Industry 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. . Smart Industry is a trade show that provides manufacturing innovators, business leaders, and technology experts with a forum to network, discuss best … Read More


Contextere Selected for NYC Technology Accelerator

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA – September 22, 2017: Contextere announced today its selection to the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) in New York City. A program designed for high potential Canadian companies to accelerate growth in one of the fastest growing technology … Read More


The Monkey Wrench Effect: Die Hard with a Vengeance

Our intrepid CEO, Gabe Batstone, has often said that actionable insights and curated guidance can assist workers in just about any job in any industry. After pestering my wife to watch the latest Marvel movie, I was reminded of what … Read More


Experiences with Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

After having spent some time prototyping with Microsoft Azure Function, and Azure App Services, I’ve expanded the focus to include Azure Service Fabric. We’re migrating over to Service Fabric and I’ll explain why:   Context To give some context, when … Read More


What’s new at contextere

It has been an amazing 6+ months of 2017. The year started in a hurry with our acceptance to the Urban-X Smart City Program in New York City which included equity investments from BMW MINI and SOSV. It was a … Read More


What is the Fourth Revolution?

You may have heard it said that we are standing in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. When I first heard that term, its meaning was lost on me. It sounded vaguely like something Isaac Asimov would have alluded … Read More


Why AI needs human ingenuity

One of our core operating premises here at contextere is that a human empowered by data will perform better than automation alone. The capture, storage, and compartmentalization of data will only get you so far and a worker with the … Read More


Fear not the future

When I tell friends and family about what contextere does, develop AI empowered tech for blue collar workers, I can often see a subtle shift in their attention. Their thoughts waver to that of terminators and matrix agents, mushroom clouds … Read More